Unlimited Possibilities

Starting a new blog offers unlimited possibilities.  What might happen?  Who will be touched by what I write or by others comments?  Will this change anything – or everything?  The only answer is “we’ll see”!

Each person may be seen as a source of unlimited possibilities.  We imagine, we create, and we envision.  When we speak such possibilities in conversation with others, we can make a real difference in the world.  Until or unless spoken, these possibilities do not exist.  And as far as I know, we humans are the only ones who do this.  At least I’m pretty sure that Farley, the family dog, hasn’t quite mastered communicating possibilities.

Similarly, each person can declare who they are and what they stand for.  Such declarations are the opportunity to shape listening and attention by showing what is important as each person lives his or her life.  In my case, life revolves around learning – for individuals, teams, organizations and communities.  This learning stimulates improvement, satisfaction, insight and wisdom.  It can also be great fun.

So, the adventure begins.  I am excited to see what will show up as I write…. and as others respond.  My hope – and my commitment – is that these blogs will be a source of learning and fun.  And if nothing else works, maybe I’ll just read them to Farley.

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